TANGO is a program for high-throughput processing and analysis of 3D fluorescence images, dedicated to the study of nuclear architecture. It allows to perform the complete analysis process starting from the raw images to the processed measurements (plots and statistical tests)


Its main features are:

  • Automated process of various nuclear signals thanks to tunable and modular processing chains.
  • Semi-automated segmentation procedures
  • Intuitive data browsing (images and measurements) in order to assess the segmentation and annotate semgented nuclei/objects
  • Many measurements (classical and original) adapted to the study of nuclear architecture.
  • Works with large sets of 3D images (database storage).
  • 2-way interface with R: Export of measurements to R (package rtango) / Rapid access to images related to measurements analysed within R
  • For non-R users, export of measurement to spreadsheet

It is multi-platform and implemented as an ImageJ plugin.
It relies on the mongoDB database system.
It contains specific segmentation algorithms for segmentation of nuclear signals (spots, chromocenters, nucleoli, ...).

How to use TANGO

Downloads and install

Go to the download page and follow the installation instructions.


There is a tutorial in the documentation section (getting started) in which we provide sample images and processing chains.


For question or suggestions, don't hesitate to use the support contacts.