TANGO software is an open-source software for Analysis of Nuclear Genome Organization. It is composed of an ImageJ plugin for batch processing and analysis, and a R package for statistical analysis.

It is a common work involving :

  • Andrey Philippe, INRA Versailles
  • Boudier Thomas, MCIB, IFR 83, UPMC
  • Cochennec Julien, MNHN - CNRS 7196 / INSERM U1154
  • Escudé Christophe, MNHN - CNRS 7196 / INSERM U1154
  • Loll François, MNHN - CNRS 7196 / INSERM U1154
  • Ollion Jean, MNHN - CNRS 7196 / INSERM U1154

If you use TANGO in your experiments, please cite :
J. Ollion, J. Cochennec, F. Loll, C. Escudé, and T. Boudier (2013). TANGO: a generic tool for high-throughput 3D image analysis for studying nuclear organization. Bioinformatics first published online May 16, 2013 doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btt276 (download pdf)